Nigerian based electronic health startup closes $10 million funding round from Japanese investors


LAGOS, May 7 – Helium Health, West Africa’s largest electronic medical records provider, on Thursday said it had completed a $10 million funding round, as investors step up the hunt for health-related startups amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dubai-based Global Ventures co-led the investment round with Asia Africa Investment & Consulting (AAIC), which is backed by Japanese investors. The startup, based in Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos, also received investment from China’s Tencent in the Series A funding round.

“Helium Health has the opportunity to solve large problems through its software and help accelerate healthcare accessibility,” said Noor Sweid, general partner and founder at Global Ventures.

The startup said it will use the investment to grow its customer base in Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia, and to fund a planned expansion this year into North Africa, East Africa, and Francophone West Africa.

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