Home-made face masks: What you should know


With the lock down rules being loosened effective 4 May 2020, the use of face masks has become necessary, which will lead to a hike in demand for face masks. The surgical face mask which is now being sold more than 12times it’s original price, seems too expensive for a large percentage of the public revealed the innovative side of citizens leading to the mass production of home-made face masks, which aside being cheaper comes with a reusable bonus (talk about best of both worlds).
The effectiveness of home-made face masks has been a thing of debate among researchers not excluding the non-scientific public, with contradictory findings among researches. A recently concluded research by a team of researchers from The University of Chicago and The Argonne Natural Laboratory Illinois, with the aim to answer questions on whether some materials used in the production of home-made face masks are more effective than other. The ACS Nano Journal (American Chemistry Society) Published findings from the Research some of which was the varying filtration efficiencies of the materials used in the production of home-made face masks. The researchers concluded the use of multiple layers of specific fabrics with tight weave (cotton and chiffon/ cotton and natural silk) proved to increase effectiveness of Home-made face masks as they confirmed such fabric combination provides dual barrier (Mechanical and electrostatic). Effect of humidity and if washing home-made face masks may reduce it’s effectiveness are some of the factors the researchers pointed out to prospective researches to look into.
– Avoid Trying Out Samples
The use of colourful and fashionable fabrics in the manufacturing of home-made face masks have made some people view it as a fashion item thereby, trying out several samples before finally choosing they feel matches their style, such act though innocent is extremely dangerous as droplets from such person would have landed on those face masks putting other potential buyers at risk. Make a choice and move on, it’s just a protective wear!
Being reusable doesn’t translate no washing, proper washing after every single use will rid the fabric off microbes that might have landed on it, sun-drying and ironing (if you can) is also very useful.

To guarantee the effectiveness of face masks, it must fit it’s user properly not too tight though as the prolonged use of such could make one feel dizzy due to inadequate exchange of air which enables proper breathing. Findings from the above mentioned study also confirmed, unfitting face masks could result to 60% decrease in its filtration efficiency.
Having extra face mask could be an added advantage since one can always have a change of masks whenever you feel the mask currently in use have stayed long enough, just ensure you wash your hands before putting the new one on.
Before leaving home, reflect on the necessity of going out, if there is still the need to then ensure you follow precautionary measures If not, stay at home.
Stay safe and enjoy the Covidcation and remember to wash your hands.

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