Review of Global stock market last week


Global Markets
Global equities retreated, as falling crude oil prices and the failure of a promising COVID-19 experimental drug clinical trial, weakened investors’ sentiments.

Stocks in the US (DJIA: -0.1%; S&P: -0.1%) resumed the week’s trading weak, as broadly negative companies’ earnings, weak unemployment data, and falling energy prices dissuaded investors from taking positions in risky assets.

However, as oil prices recovered, gains were recorded in the latter part of the week, although these were not enough to offset earlier losses.

Elsewhere, European (STOXX: -0.7%; FTSE 100: +0.2%) and Asian (SSE: -1.1%; Nikkei 225: -3.2%) equities were broadly negative as fears of severe and lasting economic outcomes from the coronavirus pandemic resurfaced, following a report that detailed the failure of the clinical trial.

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