Textile manufacturers appeal to state govts to use local content for face masks


The Nigerian Textiles Manufacturers Association (NTMA) has appealed to Lagos State Government and other state governments interested in procuring face masks for their citizens to consider using its garment and textile manufacturing member-firms for supplies for safe, secure, and hygienically-produced masks.

President of the NTMA, Mr. Folorunso Daniyan, said it was more beneficial to the country to use trusted factories of its members rather than compound the current health situation in the country by using local tailors operating shops of questionable health backgrounds. He cautioned: “In our bid to solve a problem, we should not inadvertently exacerbate it.

We are surprised that the Lagos State Government has gone ahead to engage local tailors to produce face masks. This is against the usage of well-established garment factories with capacity to meet the nation’s needs.

“These are well regulated companies who have in place proper hygiene procedure and their production is standardized. We had expected governments at all levels to engage the Nigerian Textile Manufacturers Association, this being the umbrella body for all textile and garments manufacturers.

“We had made various submissions through MAN, but are yet to be called upon.

In addition we implore the government at all levels to ensure the materials used are from factories in Nigeria”, Daniyan maintained.

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