An hour with Dangote vs. $27,000: Nigerians debate the better ‘deal’ on twitter


What started out as a radio discussion found its way onto Twitter when a user posted the topic of choosing between an hour meeting Dangote or receiving 10 million naira (the equivalent of over ($27,000).

The Twitter user @dillikonko explained why he thought the meeting was more profitable than the money. “I’m listening to this very interesting topic on radio. Take N10m or spend 1hr with Aliko Dangote.

“And I’m listening to very comedic comments from Nigerians. When will people realize N10m isn’t “a lot of money” anymore? Smh (sic shaking my head),” his post read. The debate over the better deal started under his tweet.

A group of people averred that the money was a mile the better option because it could help a person with ideas to develop their ideas and themselves. A few people backed his view, one such said: “In that 1 hour I will pitch over 100 business ideas at least one go catch am.”

Another wrote: “I will go for talking with Dangote and just make request for sole distributor some product,” yet for a third group, they did not see a connection between the two options.

The post became the basis of extensive exchanges on Twitter as some of Nigeria’s biggest social media commentators (influencers) weighed in on the debate. Below are some of the

Lol. N10m or 1 hour with Dangote? Lol. Easy decision. I will collect N10m. Except 1 hour with Dangote is to get him to sign a deal worth a lot more than what we already agreed to go ahead with. Forget aspire to perspire, money for hand better pass story for mouth!


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