Atiku: In 2020, Buhari-APC led govt must do things differently to benefit Nigerians


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar says the year 2020 is time to work for a better future, adding that government should respect the rule of law and initiate policies that would benefit Nigerians.

Atiku in a statement by his Media Office yesterday said the year heralded a brand new decade and required all to stay together more than ever before to take on, head front, the common enemy of insecurity bedevilling the nation.

The 2019 presidential candidate of the PDP said government must do things differently within the year and make deliberate effort to improve the material wellbeing of the people by lifting millions of Nigerians out of the extreme poverty belt at a start and to prosperity.

“It is incumbent on government at all levels to pursue policies that will provide decent housing to the mass majority; put food on the table; provide healthcare and education.

In the new year, government should not pretend to be democratic, but rather act according to the fundamentals of a democracy. “I do not share the sentiment when some people claim that the outgone 2019 was a successful year for Nigerians.

Such sentiment is reductionist and does the harm of making us have a false sense of victory.” “The bitter truth is that Nigeria is still in the throes of economic instability, with more people losing jobs and the attendant outcome of more children being out of school and more families having hard time in accessing basic needs of life.

“These are the challenges that this new decade has thrown at us and we cannot afford to slumber and submit to defeat. “The reality of this new decade requires of us to recalibrate our approaches and to pursue some tough choices.

If failure is not an option, then we must let go of our egos and conveniences,” Atiku said.

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