Why multivitamins can’t change eating habit


Most people especially mothers with children that are picky eaters believe multivitamins are meant to change the child’s eating habit which is totally not true. Multivitamins are a combination of many different vitamins which are essential micronutrients that an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism, they can be found in foods and other natural sources. It is the most commonly used supplements in the world and are available in different forms including tablets, capsules, viewable gums, powder and liquids.
Multivitamins are used to provide vitamins that are not taken in through the diet, it can also be used to treat vitamin deficiencies caused by illnesses, poor nutrition, digestive disorders and many other conditions.

Precautions in taking multivitamins
Taking multivitamin could land one in serious problem if precautions are not taken, some of which are;
– ensure it is prescribed by a doctor
– let the doctor be aware of any medical condition or allergies that the user of the multivitamin has so he/she would know what to prescribe.
– ensure you tell the doctor if the user is on any medication.
– take the drug as prescribed
– if you intend taking any drug which you were not taking prior prescription ensure you let the doctor be aware
– pregnant women should be sure the advice of their gynecologist is sought before using any multivitamins.

precautions are advised due to the reaction of some multivitamins with certain drugs which could led to serious complications. Also, when the drug is not taken as prescribed could lead to overdose of certain vitamins which can be very dangerous.

Side Effects
There are possible side effects from the use of multivitamins especially when overdosed, some of which include;
– swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue.
– tightness of the chest or throat
– stomach upset or throwing up
– muscle weekness/ feeling weak
– tooth staining
-uneven heart rate
– body itching

Most experts advise getting vitamins from natural sources which are mainly foods due to some sneaky brands that list vitamins that is not part of the constituent of the drug on the label and also to avoid side effects from overdose.

Parents with children who are picky eaters can try to make food time fun time by providing the child with variety and nutrient dense foods not junks as excessive eating of junks could reduce a child’s appetite for real food

Tips to improve feeding habit;
– use feeding utensils ( plate, bowl, spoon, cup) that are colourful and attractive probably with their favorite cartoon characters.
– give little food but rich food at a time so they can take in enough nutrient while eating no matter the quantity if food eaten.
– always cook their favorite in different ways and adding other vegetables and protein.
– explain to them why they need to eat, no matter how small children hear us through talk and facial expressions you can continue to remind them whenever it is food time.
– if they rejected a food once try offering it again or you cook it in a different way.
– make food colourful and attractive.
– ask why they do not want to it, their answer might surprisingly help to discover what the real problem is.
– most importantly be patient and take it easy with them.
– encourage them with good comments after eating so as to improve their eating attitude.

Some vitamin filled foods that be incorporated into your meals are;
Fish, dark green vegetables, beef, nuts eggs, avocados, green peas, pawpaw, date, carrot, liver, spy bean, prawn, shrimps, tomatoes bananas, berrie.
The list is endless as nature as blessed us with alot just try and find the ones available within your vicinity and enjoy .

For picky eaters, there is no magic to changing their eating habit, they are just like that don’t further make them hate food by forcing them to eat, all they need is encouragement which could be given through words and changing of feeding practice .

Multivitamins can’t change eating habit because that’s not what it is meant to do.

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