APC planning to lure Jonathan with Official’ visit – Says Dickson


However, Dickson yesterday accused the APC of turning the visit of some of its stalwarts to the former president to a propaganda message to legitimise the electoral robbery he accused it of perpetrating in the state.

He also described as balderdash, the notion that it was the alleged disagreement between him and the former president that led to the APC’s purported victory, saying that Jonathan remained a leader of the entire country who shouldn’t be drawn into the local politics of the state.

Dickson explained that as a leader of the country, the former president was at liberty to receive any visitors, but warned on the dangers posed by the insinuations being weaved around the visit by the APC.

He alleged that the APC had recently begun to romance the ex-president to sell the narrative that the party did not win by rigging elections but by attempting to legitimise what he said was an illegitimate and indefensible electoral outcome.

He stated that no politician had stood by Jonathan more than himself and that in the build-up to the elections, he had visited Jonathan about 16 times to meet with him on the way forward for the PDP.

He said: “My reaction is that President Jonathan remains a leader of our country. He is at liberty to receive members of any political party but in the context of all that is going on I know that the insinuations are not misplaced.

“APC came to Bayelsa to take his state and people by force. With the comments they are making about him, Oshiomhole coming to Bayelsa to praise Jonathan, what they were doing is laying the foundation to perpetrate fraud and violence.
“No politician has stood by Jonathan more than me. They simply used his name and image to legitimise illegitimacy. I can see the strategic content.

“They used Jonathan to expand the notion of disagreement and after the rigging to go to him like Pontius Pilate to wash off their hands and put it at his doorsteps to say he sanctioned it…But let’s accord him the right to meet with other dignitaries.”

He also tendered what he said were video evidence in support of the alleged killings and violence that characterised the conduct of last Saturday’s governorship election in Nembe Local Government Area and some other parts of the state.
Addressing a press conference in Yenagoa, Dickson described the election as a charade and a carefully orchestrated plan to forcibly take over the state.

One of the videos captured heavy shooting in Koluama in Southern Ijaw, while the other videos captured thumb-printing of ballot papers by an alleged APC chieftain (name withheld) at Nembe where INEC recorded over 83,000 votes for APC and 837 for PDP.

He condemned what he termed the brazen connivance of security agents, particularly the Nigerian Army, with APC thugs to hijack electoral materials in most local government areas.
He said soldiers were deployed in Ogbia Local Government Area and other parts of the state to cart away electoral materials thereby undermining the process in favour of the APC.

The governor called on the federal government to take drastic action in safeguarding the country’s democratic principles and protecting the fundamental rights of Nigerians in every election.

The governor who was speaking for the first time after the conduct of the election, accused the army of involvement in the killings of some members of the PDP, ballot snatching and hijacking of election materials by APC members and declaration of results by INEC even in the areas where election did not hold.

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