Wheat import to Nigeria hits N31.47bn


U.S. moves to edge out Russia

Three years after, United States wheat supply to Nigeria is gradually bouncing back following Russia’s weak supply in the global market.

Currently, no fewer than 343, 574 metric tonnes of the grain valued at N31.47 billion ($86.23 million) are being offloaded at Lagos and Tincan Island ports.

Price of wheat has crashed to $251 per tonne at the global market because of glut in the Russian market.

It was learnt that Russia, United States, Canada and Australia have been supplying the bulk of imported wheat used by Flour Mills of Nigeria, Dangote, Honeywell, Olam and Seaboard Group under stiff competition as domestic production fell in 2012 from 350,000 tonnes to 60,000 tonnes in 2019.

Wheat importers pay a duty of 20 per cent, while flour attracts 100 per cent duty in the country.

Data by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)’s shipping position revealed that the grain was ferried by seven vessels to Apapa Bulk Terminal Limited (ABTL), Greenview Development Nigeria Limited (GDNL) and JosepDam.

At ABTL, three vessels berthed this week with 155,823 metric tonnes of the grain with Mandarin China laden with 50,820 tonnes, Desert Challenger, 54,700 tonnes and Desert Glory, 50,303.76 tonnes.

Also, two vessels have arrived Lagos Port with 72,193. Genco Loire and Santy berthed with 44,814 tonnes and 27,379 tonnes respectively.

At Josepdam, Wild Rose and Ansac came with 30,255 tonnes and 35,000 tonnes respectively.

Also in August this year, eight vessels offloaded a total of 181,240 tonnes of wheat valued $127.8 million (N46.7 billion) following the sharp fall in the price of the grain.

The grain was discharged at the Calabar, Lagos, Rivers and Tincan Island ports.

At the Lagos Port complex, NPA data revealed that 53,727tonnes of the grain were offloaded by Akour II at the Apapa Bulk Terminal Limited (ABTL).

Also, Josepdam terminal at Tincan Island Port received 40,000tonnes from Genco Auvergne, while Angela berthed with 33,042 tonnes; Hawk 1, 29,000 tonnes and Thor Chaiyo, 24,177 tonnes.

Calabar Port took delivery of 16,500 tonnes from MV Cooper Island.

In addition, Seastar Endeavour and Thor Chaiyo discharged 14, 300tonnes and 24,221.393 tonnes respectively at Rivers Port in Port Harcourt in the same month.

In June, the shipping data revealed that three vessels offloaded 120, 875 tonnes of the grain at GDNL and ABTL of Lagos Port.

At GDNL, Genco Bourgogne berthed with 27, 300tonnes, while Desert Victory and Desert Hope discharged 41,725 tonnes and 51,850 tonnes respectively at ABTL terminal.

In May, a total of 259, 574 tonnes of the grain were ferried to ABTL by six ships. Desert Oasis discharged 39,882 tonnes; Genco Province, 49,112 tonnes; Desert Melody, 86,130 tonnes; Desert Victory, 36,250 tonnes; Desert Calm, 48,200 tonnes and Genco Bourgogne, 33,050 tonnes to GDNL in the period.

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