“134 million patients suffers adverse events annually “-CFID


By our Taraba correspondent

No fewer than 134 million patients, according to the leadership of the Centre for Initiative and Development (CFID) suffers from adverse events annually due to unsafe care in hospitals across the globe.

Piqued by the development, the need for all hands to be on deck in order to halt the ugly situation from further increase, they said can no longer be overemphasized.

The situations which according to the group was necessitated by ” unsafe care in hospitals across the the globe” often resulted to sickness ranging from abscess to other ailments that emanates from “bad administeration of injections. ”

The sad situation which the organization said contribute to 2.6 million deaths annually especially in low and middle income countries, they saidhave to as a matter of urgency be attended to by relevant stakeholders especially those in the health sector.

The Executive Director and Founder of CFID, Danjuma K. Adda , who made this known while addressing media practitioners in Jalingo on the important of the World Patients Day (WPD) tenaciously affirmed that “no patient should be harmed while seeking medical care. ”

Adda who doubled as the National Coordinator Civil Network on Viral Hepatitis AMD member Patients Advisory Council (PAC), tenaciously held that ‘patient safety must be properly guaranteed by key players in the health sector.”

Stressing that patient safety is a global health priority, “all patients, patient advocates and careers are committed to prioritizeing patient safety and making healthcare safe wielders” He said.

Believing that the situation can be addressed, he said “for health care systems to be viewed as patient -centric , the principle of patient safety” according to him “must be properly guaranteed. ”

Visibly dejected at the high rates of adverse events ,the WPD, as made known by him “is a unique opportunity for all health stakeholder to stand together ,United in positioning patient safety as an essential component for strengthening health care systems to achieve universal health coverage. ”

Sad that four out of ten patients are “harmed in the primary and ambulatory settings” fifteen percent of hospital expenses according to him can be attributed to treating patient safety failure in OECD countries.

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