Get it together, no more unplanned pregnancy.


According to WHO, 214 million women of reproductive age in developing countries who want to avoid pregnancy are not using modern contraceptive method.

Family planning allows people to attain their desired number of children and determine the spacing of pregnancies.

Preventing pregnancy-related risks in women, reducing the need for abortion, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases,making informed choices about sexual and reproductive health are some of the benefits family planning.

Modern contraceptives are of different categories and methods, it’s use has increased in many parts of the world especially Asia and Latin America, but continues to be low in sub-Saharan Africa.

Despite UNFPA’s effort towards improving sexual and reproductive health, issues of women contemplating abortion due to pregnancy few months after delivery is becoming the trend of the day, this situation could have been prevented by a simple family planning methods which is usually free at various government health institution.

The lackadaisical and negative attitude of some male partners towards the use of contraceptives is a contributing factor to the level of acceptance of modern contraception.

Hormonal, mechanical barriers and the permanent methods are some of the modern contraceptives available in Nigeria today.

These methods are available for both male and female and are easily accessible.
The injection, implant, oral contraceptive and emergency pill all fall under the hormonal method, they are called hormonal because they contain hormones which is released into the body.

Mechanical barriers normally prevent the sperm and the egg from meeting and some still prevent sexually transmitted Diseases, IUCD, male condom, female condom are all examples of mechanical barriers available in Nigeria.

The permanent method of contraception which requires surgery is Tubal ligation and Vasectomy for female and male respectively.

This method is the least common among contraceptives, the family planning provider will provide adequate information when needed.

The side effects varies depending on the method but it’s not everyone that experiences it and even if you experience it, you have to weigh the benefits and choose the option you feel is more beneficial.

Choosing a method of contraceptive can be confusing but with the help of your family planning provider it will get easier.

Going for family planning six weeks postpartum is highly advised by medical professionals to prevent early post delivery pregnancy.

Women need to wise up and make informed decision concerning their reproductive health, some partners don’t care if you are on contraceptives or not all they care about is for you not to get pregnant.

Men should please support their partners, visit family planning clinic together so you can remind her of her appointment dates and also be aware of possible side effects just in case the manifestation of those side effects is affecting her day-to-day activities.

Get it together and stop complaining of unplanned pregnancy .

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