Pastor Afam Uses Anointing Oil to Heal Woman Suffering Hard Labor



Friday, August 16,2019

Assistant Pastor Mike, Senior Pastor Afam ILoanya, Mrs. Victor Abosede, and others

A woman experiencing difficulties during childbirth received instant healing after encounters with Senior Pastor Afam ILoanya, during Sunday deliverance and anointing services.

Mrs. Victor Abosede, who was pregnant for a third child last May 2018, revealed to Springnewsng, how used the man of God to give her permanent deliverance.

According to her, I was supposed to put to birth on May 7th, 2019, but surprisingly after the anointing and deliverance service which took place on May 1,2019 at Proofs of God’s Power Ministry International, while the Minister of God was anointing the congregation one after the other when it came to my turn he placed the anointing oil on my hands and told to go home and apply it on my belly which I complied, that particular night the evil dreams were somebody will be chasing me in the dream to kill me and my baby and other terrible labor pains I always experience weeks to the date of birth disappeared.

Senior Pastor Afam ILoanya Anointing the new Born Baby

Furthermore, I was supposed to put to birth on 7th May 2019, shockingly on May 2nd, 2019, Monday morning after taking my son to school on my way back home, I started experiencing some signs of labor and immediately I rushed to the hospital and I was told by the doctor that my baby is about to come out and immediately in less than a minute I put to birth without going through cesarean session

Lastly, she noted that this great experienced seems amazing and wonderful because with God almighty had labor is made easy through is Son Pastor Afam alloanya.

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