6 Reasons why Revival of God is Lacking in Nigerian Pentecostal Churches Today

Religion Friday, August 16,2019 Pentecostalism is a renewal movement within Protestant Christianity that places special emphasis on a direct personal experience of God through baptism with the Holy Spirit according to prophet Ohez Greg Azuka. Thousands of congregation are experiencing spiritual challenges in different Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria and Africa today due to lack of the present revival of Jesus Christ in many houses of God. The General Overseer of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, In this Interview with SPRINGNEWSNG. Revealed the secret why many churches in Nigeria and Africa lack the revival Jesus Christ gave to his church as a gift. The man of God said many people under the leadership of several Pastors, Bishops, Prophet and Prophetess are faced with several spiritual problems such as barrenness, poverty, ancient family battles, marine wives and husband and other demonic problems that have not been solved by this so-called pastors. The cleric mentioned 6 reasons why Revival of God is Lacking in Nigerian and African Pentecostal Churches Today. According to him: here are the 6 reasons: Lack of Vision- according to him, pastors of those churches lack the vision and hunger for a revival of God upon their lives, because God did not call them. The pastors who is called by God hunger for revival to do exploit in his house, because God himself knows the need of the people, so as a person He, wants us to a desire for the revival which is the gift of the church. Also members under the leadership of this woes as pastors who desire miracle but it is not forthcoming lack the vision of revival because the Holy Bible Book of Proverbs revealed that my people perish because they lack knowledge he said. 2.Lack of Power of Prayers from Pastors, Bishops, Prophet, and Prophetess- Revival is lacking in the churches of God today, simply because the pastors lack the power of prayer. Most pastors have missed the attitude of tarrying with God in prayer in a private place. The custom of prayer introduced to us by the early apostles and Our Lord Jesus Christ himself has been lost. Pastors have forsaken the power of intercession with God, which is the only way to restore revival in the house of God, and also the only gateway to solve the needs of the congregation. The scripture tells us to pray without season, because God calls ministers, pastors, bishops and prophet to prayer, which is an endless appointment. 3.Lack of Fasting- Many Pastors, bishops and congregations lack the attitude of scriptural fasting commanded by God in Holy Bible Book of Joel Chapter 2, which was the backbone of the early ministers of God and the church at large. As a church leader, you must put up the attitude of regular fasting and prayer in other to break into the heart of God almighty and to move Him to do the supernatural. According to him, the early disciples understand the secret of winning battles with God through the act of fasting. 4. Lack of Study of the Word of God – Ministers, pastor, and evangelist no more study the word of God, most of them learn what they teach their congregation form television and other seminary books. They lack the attitude of spending quality time with God by studying the Holy Bible as commanded by God in the Bible Book of in 2Timohty chapter 2. 5. Lack of Fire Among Men of God- Revival is death in many churches today because of men of God lack fire of the Holy Ghost in them. Most of them are not filled with the fire of God in Acts 2:1, the upper room fire that fell upon the early apostle that enable them to break ground in ministry is missing today. No pastor wants to tarry and be filled with that power rather they replace it with theology experience. 6. Lack of Hunger for Spiritual Things – Christians no more hunger for spiritual food when they come to church rather than desire physical things, which only last for a moment. The early believers in their days seek more of spiritual things than physical things. Christians must understand that it is the spirit that controls the physical, when you have the spiritual gift then physical things become easy. Christians must cultivate the attitude of desiring for the move of God when they come to church.

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