Pastor urges Nigerian’s to support President Buhari leadership style for the nation to go forward

By: Okafor Joseph
Saturday, August 10,2019
Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari

The senior Pastor of Proofs of Gods Power Ministry International has urge citizens of Nigeria to cultivate the attitude of supporting the president of their nation appointed by God to lead the nation to the promise land, which is the only way Nigeria can go forward.

The Man of God said Nigeria is blessed with abundant mineral resources, but the nation is faced with a complex problem because the citizens refuse to corporate with the past and present president of their nation.

There are cabals that have become a hindrance to Nigeria as a nation, they stand out to criticize and frustrate every Government that comes and go, for their interest without bringing a positive solution on how the country can move forward he said.

Senior Pastor Afam ILoanya, revealed while teaching on the massage Go Forward, during the Sunday service, noted that God appointed Moses to rescue the children of Israel from the hands of Pharaoh, because for forty years the children of Israel were experiencing poverty and hardship, but we must understand that the people of Israel corporate with Moses which make their deliverance easy and successful.

Nigeria can’t go forward without the support of the people of this nation to the appointed bodies, we must learn to support our president appointed to take us to the next level adding that those criticizing the government of President Muhammadu Buhari must remember that this Government has improved in many areas in each sector such as energy and many other sectors than the former government he mentioned.

We must learn to appreciate and praise what the president Muhammadu Buhari is doing in order to enable him do more, because leadership is not easy adding that Nigeria was never like this in time past, but we must learn to say something positive about our nation in order to encourage and give hope to our upcoming generation that are looking up to us in order to stop them from traveling aboard and fighting to get a better life were there is no life.

The cleric urged citizens of the nation to continue to pray for the President and the nation at large which is the only way the nation can be delivered from the hands of the evil people and also urging the government to learn to protect the image of this nation just as America always protect the image of their citizens, because Nigeria a developmental project of God almighty shall be great again.


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