United Capital releases H2 Economic Outlook


United Capital Plc, a leading investment banking and financial services group in Africa, has released its economic outlook report for the second half of the year 2019. The report reviews the event in the global and domestic macro environment and gives a revised outlook for the economy.

Titled “…a Treasure in the Mire?”, the United Capital Research team observed how events in the global space are shaping economic and investment decisions in the emerging markets and Sub-Saharan African economies, as well as the Nigerian economy. Also, the potential impacts of the recent pronouncements by the Central Bank leadership, especially as it relates to the monetary policy direction of the Apex bank. Ultimately, the flow of foreign capital into the country is considered, with the objective being an attempt to point investors to where the opportunities lie, despite obvious concerns.

United Capital, a Treasure in the Mire

According to the Group CEO, United Capital Plc, Peter Ashade “Research is a fundamental part of our business and understanding the economy as it affects the market is critical to decision making, especially for investors. By sharing the report with our clients, analysts, reporters and the larger investing community, we are equipping the market with a tool to enable them to gain a deeper insight into the state of the economy.”

The 2019 Half Year Economic Outlook by United Capital Plc is one of the organizations’ efforts to position itself as a thought leader in Nigeria’s macro-economic space as well as increase our brand visibility and awareness. The outlook is one of our key deliverables and contribution as an enabler of economic growth.

To download the full report, visit www.unitedcapitalplcgroup.com/Research

United Capital Plc is a leading financial services group in Africa focused on leveraging technology to empower businesses, individuals and governments with excellent financial services while contributing to economic growth and prosperity across Africa by supporting financial inclusion.

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