Nigerians React, Condemns APC, Sanwo-Olu Administration in Lagos Over Demolition of Poor People’s Homes


Popular journalist, Kadaria Ahmed, has called out Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu concerning the recent demolition of some houses in Eric Moore in the Surulere area of Lagos.

According to PUNCH, the Lagos State Government had commenced the demolition of illegal structures from the Eric Moore to Trade Fair complex corridors in the state.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transportation, Dr Taiwo Salaam, said the operation was an enforcement of the executive order recently signed by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

A statement on Tuesday stated that the state government had last week ordered transport unions, roadside traders and all illegal business operators on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway and Oshodi-Abule Egba corridors to vacate the locations or face arrest.

Kadaria Ahmed took to her Twitter handle on Wednesday to condemn the move.

@Kadaria Ahmed tweeted, “Watching the demolishing of poor people’s homes at Eric Moore by a Lagos task force. I am disappointed in @jidesanwoolu Lagos and all other Nigerian cities must stop their anti-poor policies. Before evicting people should we not provide low-cost housing?.”

Watching the demolishing of poor peoples homes at Eric Moore by a Lagos taskforce. I am disappointed in @jidesanwoolu Lagos and all other Nigerian cities must stop their anti-poor policies. Before evicting people should we not provide low cost housing?
— Kadaria Ahmed (@KadariaAhmed) July 24, 2019

Her tweet has generated controversy on social media, especially on Twitter, with so many Lagosians supporting her and condemning the action of the Lagos State government.

A Twitter user, Afolabi Ajibola wrote, “Please, stress that low-cost housing very well. What they call low-cost housing in this city is about N11m the last time I checked.”

Replying Kadaria’s tweet, another Nigerian, Simon tweeted, “Irresponsibility everywhere, no social norm and such problem will never be erased from our lands easily, seeing the responses here too.”

Jolaoso Quddus also tweeted, “The poor masses are pawns, and the government uses them during elections and tosses them away like dirt….welcome to Lagos. The evicted victims join the area boys, prostitutes and rape victims in Lagos….it’s the sad way we live in Lagos.”

Some Nigerians, however, believed the governor had done the right thing by demolishing those houses.

Jude Iyamabo wrote, “If governors in states like Zamfara have been doing the needful, we will not have people flooding into Lagos and building shanties. This way, there will be no shanties to demolish.”

Another Tweeter user, Adedeji, said, “Even the almighty Lekki is a shanty, an eyesore. Government’s policy in Lagos must reflect the pulse of the people if it’s to achieve great things. People need to understand Lagos is just not a place you come and settle anywhere, anyhow.”

Abu Attah also tweeted, “It is about time Lagos hold other state governments to account. The irresponsible thieving leadership in the states across the country is responsible for the large population of slum dwellers in Lagos. What is a Kogi indigene, who is not working for the federal government, or a company (in Lagos) doing in Lagos?.”

Another Twitter user, Ayodeji Gasby, wrote, “That place was never meant for anyone coming to Lagos without a place to stay or reside. When one comes, he brings another and so on. You need to know how robbers have been using that place and many other places in Lagos as a hideout.”

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