Seminary Schools Pastor’s are not called by God -Prophet Azuka



By: Okafor Joseph

Friday, July 26,2019

The General Overseer of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, Prophet Ohez Greg Azuka has condemned pastor, bishops and evangelist who desired to fill the office of a man of God and due to their self desirers obtained seminary certificate so that the world will accept them adding those group of people is not called by God.

The Founder of KPICPC in this interview with Springnewsng revealed that the big problem in Christendom is that most of this people are not called by God but by the spirit of seminary schools that is why they engage in politics, fraud and sex scandals and teaching false doctrine within and outside the four walls of the church today he said.

According to him, the reason why churches in our nation are faced with numerous challenges is because pastors, bishop and prophet are measuring themselves with seminary experience, without spiritual experience with God, just as Apostle Peter had an encounter with Jesus Christ on the seaside or Apostle Paul the persecutors of the early Christians had a personal encounter with God nor John the Baptist’s who also experience divine encounter with Jesus Christ on the seaside and other great apostles and prophet of God which make them different other Scribe and Pharisees of seminary schools.

He added that millions of congregations battling several spiritual challenges in various churches in Nigeria and Africa are simply because the pastor and bishops of those religious organization are not appointed by God that is why they appoint medical doctors to solve spiritual medical cases because they lack the power to cast out the devil and heal the sick.

The former Deeper Life Bible Church location pastor woes the congregations of those pastors parading themselves with their seminary school certificate ministry and causing calamity in Christendom because they have no spiritual backing from God almighty he said.

Lastly, he called out pastors, bishops, evangelists and prophetess who have failed in their various business endeavors and have decided to used the churches of God as a money-making ventures were they gather people and teach them false doctrines in other to enrich themselves to vacate the alters of God adding that as a Minister of God, there must be a call, because ministerial calling is core path between light and darkness and between devil and God.





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