Nigerian Stock Exchange closes on positive, gains 1.21%


The All Share Index of the Nigerian Stock Exchange closed on Tuesday on a positive, gaining 1.21 percent or 336.18 basis points to end transactions for the day at 28,144.87 basis points compared to Monday’s close of 27,808.69 basis points.

The market capitalization also gained 1.21 percent or 164 billion Naira to close at 13,716 trillion Naira as against Monday’s close of 13,552 trillion Naira.

Similarly, there was a positive close across board as all other indices closed on a positive with the exception of 6 out of the 16 indices board of the Exchange.

Five indices namely: NSE Insurance Index, NSE Afri Div Yield Index, NSE-Afri Bank Value Index, NSE Meri Value Index and NSE Oil/Gas Index closed on a negative, while NSE ASeM Index closed unchanged.

As a result, 21 stocks gained while 15 stocks depreciated. The 3 main gainers and losers for Tuesday are:


NEIMETH INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICALS PLC which opened today’s trading at 0.50 kobo per share, closed at 0.55 kobo per share, gaining 0.05 kobo or 10.00 percent.

2. LAFARGE AFRICA PLC opened at N13.10 kobo per share to close at N14.40 kobo per share, gaining N1.30 kobo or 9.92 percent.

3. NIGERIAN AVIATION HANDLING COMPANY PLC opened at N2.35 kobo per share and closed at N2.57 kobo per share, gaining 0.22 kobo per share or 9.36 percent.


FORTE OIL PLC commenced Tuesday’s transactions at N20.15 kobo per share and closed at N18.15 kobo per share, depreciating by N2.00 or 9.93 percent.

2. INTERNATIONAL BREWERIES PLC. Closed on Monday and opened Tuesday’s trading at N15.30 kobo per share to close at the end of Tuesday’s trading activities at N13.80 kobo per share, dropping by N1.50 kobo or 9.80 percent.

3. CORNERSTONE INSURANCE PLC closed Tuesday’s trading activities at 0.20 kobo per share after opening at 0.22 kobo per share, falling by 0.02 kobo or 9.09 percent.

The market traded a total of 3,358.00 deals, exchanging over 1.35 million volume of shares at the value of 2.093 billion Naira.

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