Pastor’s are the light of the world- Pastor Afam ILoanya



Tuesday, July 23,2019

The Senior Pastor of Proof’s of God Power Ministry International Pastor Afam ILoanya, has caution pastors, bishops and prophets of God leaving a secret sinful life to repent and come back to God because nothing can be hidden in the eyes of God almighty.

The man of God revealed during the just concluded Three Days life Changing Crusade tagged THAT I MAY KNOW HIM, while teaching on the message titled: Following God Part 2, He read from the Holy Bible Book of I Corinthians 11:1 where apostle Paul wrote to other pastors, bishops and evangelist to emulate lifestyle of Jesus Christ as the perfect example for his church.

He added that as ministers of the gospel and as the light of the world, we must leave a righteous and holy life in the secret and the open because we are the watchmen of the church of Jesus Christ members are looking unto.

He made a surprise statement by saying as a pastor of a church your lifestyle, which your members emulate, must convict them that they are on the right road to heaven when they eventually die.

Moreover, the former deeper Life Bible District Pastor also read from the Holy Bible Book of Mathew 5: 14 where Our Lord Jesus Christ called his ministers the light of the world, A City that is set on a hill cannot be hidden as back up to is teachings.

Lastly, he called out pastors who have to abandon God just because of the wealth and richest of the world to return to their original mandate with God and preach the true gospel of JESUS CHRIST adding that only can they become the light of the world again.





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