What does Jibrin Abdulmumuni want?


Since the emergence of Femi Gbajabiamila as Speaker of the House of Representatives, one man who has graced the spotlight alongside the numero uno is Jibrin Abdulmumuni, the member of the green chamber from Kano State.

He was director-general of the campaign that delivered Gbajabiamila, reminiscient of the same feat four years when installed Yakubu Dogara as speaker.

He stands as the only with such rare achievement in the history of Nigeria’s parliament.

After the election of Gbajabiamila, eyes have been on Jibrin. What does he want? What will he be offered? Sources said his colleagues are watching him.

He has held the two most important committees of Finance and Appropriations consecutively with a wide scope of oversight covering almost every sector.

The two committees are even referred to as the 11th and 12th Principal Officers in the House.

There is also strong whispering within the House that the Kano politician may consider an immediate return to his private business or the university to pursue his professorial ambition. The next few days or weeks will tell.

In the long term however, there are other options for Jibrin. Would he want to be governor of Kano or choose to go to the senate later. Whatever choice or moves he makes, one thing is certain: opponents will only underestimate him at their own peril.

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