Nigeria’s Cashew production rises to 260,000 tons in H1


NIGERIA’s cashew production hit 260,000 tons this year, the National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) has said. It was 90,000 tons in 2011.

The association attributed the increase to Babatola Faseru-led executive’s efforts to promote cashew production.

In a communique after its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lagos, NCAN said it has been able to improve local, national and international image for cashew brand.

In addition, the association said the nation had recorded improved cashew earnings and contribution to the economy, adding that the commodity was the number one non-oil export contributor to the economy in 2017.

Nigeria is rated as the fourth largest producer of cashew nuts in Africa and seventh in the world, with the bulk of its raw cashew nuts and cashew kernels exported to Vietnam and India.

The NCAN then urged the government to allocate funds and create schemes to increase cashew nut production.

The association said it focused on the key gaps inhibiting growth in the business that will help to rebuild the sector’s potential, stimulate growth, and enable smallholder farmers to raise their incomes and yields, while creating jobs for young people and raising incomes for women.

According to the association, cashew is a major agricultural produce and efforts have been made to boost farmers’ productivity and improve cashew production practices.

On its election, the association said: “ NCAN AGM agrees and also stands on the December 19, 2019 election date for smooth transition. This was, however, changed to Wednesday, October 16 for convenience sake.”

“That NCAN AGM with its over 40,000 membership across the value chain of cashew rejected in strong terms the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Trade, Abuja-led intervention of July 4, 2019 election date.”

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