Sanwo-Olu administration creates hub for Lagos State’s tech startups


The Lagos State Government yesterday inaugurated Eko Innovation Centre for the incubation of startups. Speaking on the occasion, the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, said he planned to use technology to drive the state’s economic growth by creating smart economies with technology-driven innovative solutions. He said this will create new jobs that previously never existed, adding that this is the goal of his administration.

The driver of the incubation centre, Victor Afolabi said the Eko Innovation Centre is not only for the incubation of Lagos startups but it is designed to provide platforms and opportunities for collaborations and building support structures that are important to the growth of new startups.

He commended the state which according to him over the years has become one of Africa’s city with a robust tech ecosystem and currently the city with the highest number of technology hubs on the continent.

He said based on the new thinking of the governor in keeping up with this fast-growing paradigm of technology driven economies, the innovation centre will serve as a springboard for discovering, incubating and curating new startups that will create new technological-driven solutions and add more value to an already growing tech ecosystem on the continent.

Afolabi said: “The motivation was the need to create an enabling environment for young people to develop innovative solutions and create employment while leveraging on technology.”

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