Labour leader Corbyn to ask UK PM about progress in Brexit talks


LONDON (Reuters) – British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will ask Prime Minister Theresa May about progress made in achieving legal changes to her divorce deal and the timetable for the so-called a meaningful vote on her agreement in parliament on Monday.

“It’s imperative that the Prime Minister answers Jeremy Corbyn in the Commons today,” Keir Starmer, the Labour Party Brexit spokesman said after the party said they had tabled an urgent question. The government can decide who answers Corbyn’s question.

“Accountability for the complete mess we are in lies with her.”

Reporting By Andrew MacAskill; Editing by Alistair Smout


  1. Corbyn’s a fool, trying to make political capital out of Brexit, against the result of the people’s vote.

    I do hope that we in the UK leave the EU on the 29th. If with the negotiated arrangement, then great! If not, we should leave anyway.

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