Nigeria’s crude Qua Iboe clears, Angolan nearly gone


LONDON, Feb 11 – March loading Angolan crude was nearly sold out on Monday, while some more Nigerian cargoes cleared in spot trade.

* ExxonMobil sold two cargoes of Nigerian Qua Iboe to Shell, traders said, loading in late March. The level was said to be just below dated Brent plus $2.00 a barrel.

* More than 25 cargoes of Nigerian crude were left in the March loading programme.

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* Less than five cargoes of Angolan crude were still available in March.

* Total was offering a cargo of Girassol at dated Brent plus $1.50 a barrel and Gindungo at dated Brent plus 40 cents.

* Concerned about looming U.S. anti-cartel legislation for the oil industry, the Organization for the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies such as Russia have decided against creating a formal body, at least on paper. (Reporting by Julia Payne; Editing by Mark Potter)