Varsity lecturer joins Benue guber race


A university lecturer, Dr. Stephen Akuma, has formally joined the list of aspirants vying for the governorship of Benue State.

Akuma, after purchasing his nomination form on the platform of the National Conscience Party (NCP) from its apex secretariat in Abuja yesterday rode in a convoy of supporters to Makurdi amidst cheers from admirers.

He boasted he would win the forthcoming election on the NCP platform and start governance from the scratch by first collecting datas of all citizens of the state for effective placements.

The lecturer in the department of Mathematics/Computer Science at the Benue State University in Makurdi, noted that he would be a digital leader, being an ICT expert who is poised to move the state forward through the 21st century technological innovation.

Akuma, a lone gubernatorial aspirant of the NCP in the state, added that his government when voted into power will focus on agriculture and develop mineral resources that are abundant in the state.

While regretting that the 42-year-old state had retrogressed over the years under successive leadership apart from the regime of late Governor Aper Aku, the guber hopeful assured that he would realise his ambition through crowd funding given that financial capacity may be required to achieve his dream.

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