Political leaders tasks on self sacrifice, national unity


By Charles Akpeji, Jalingo

A call has gone to political leaders from the old Muri region of Taraba state to as a matter of urgency put aside their difference by making individual sacrifices for the region which is made up of both the Central and Northern geo-political zones of the state.

The leadership of the Muri political Forum who made the appeal at a press briefing that took place in Jalingo, the state capital, said the forum has not only intends to ” raise consciousness and bring our political leaders together but also to appeal to them to make individual sacrifice for the sake of the old Muri region.”

The leadership of the Forum who made this known through its spokesperson, Aron Atimas, said ” it is the right of our people to seek every available political office or to align with any region provided the interest of our people are well protected ” believed that the regions are the worse marginalized in the state.

Flaked by the elders, the Forum as stated by them is calling on all ” the people of Muri, comprising the Central and Northern zones of Taraba state to give us the minimum support required to extract the best bargain for our people.”

Observing that the zones have suffered ” serious deterioration” the Forum , he said have decided to ” commenced various efforts to re-unite and mend the cracks in our socio-religious harmony.”

The intention of the forum to bring together political leaders from the areas under one umbrella according to the elders ” is not only to consolidate on this efforts, but also to work hand in hand with all groups or individuals interested in uniting our people” adding that this ” is without prejudice to other political zones who are also doing the same for their people.”

Sad that the wrangling in the areas have caused dissatisfaction among the people, the elders of the Forum according to Artimas, ” owe our people the responsibility not only to salvage this deplorable situation but also to restore old ties of socio-cultural harmony as well as to articulate a common political destiny for Muri.”

They observed that ” for so long we have allowed to cast aspersions on the Muri zones based on an imaginary and pretentious claims of policy dominance, while in actual fact our people have been the real victims of divide and rule , with little or no prospects for development.”

Drumming that the ” situation should not continue” political leaders from the zones, as suggested by the forum should come together and speak with one voice so as to catapult the zones to the height.

Though some persons from the zone were said to have misplaced their Permanent Voters Cards due to the incessant herdsmen and farmers clashes that have compelled them to vacate their home, the need for those from the area who registered and does not deemed it fit to go for the collection of the PVC, they said have become necessary for the success of next year’s elections.

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