All politicians seeking public offices in 2019 elections should make public their academic certificates as a means of preventing academic fraudsters from occupying public offices.
Social reforms advocate and aspirant for Kogi central senatorial district, Barrister Natasha Akpoti said in a statement in Abuja weekend.

Making public her educational certificates and other testimonials at the weekend, Ms Akpoti said 2019 must be the year that a new leaf was turned in service to nationhood.

“Fraudulent certificates are being used by desperate public office seekers to shortchange the Nigerian electorate and society at large,” she said.

“All public offices must make public their claimed certificates. The pedigree and qualifications of public office seekers need to also be clearly highlighted so as to avert abuse of office, poor and ineffective representation,” she said.

“I have taken it upon myself to set this precedence in the history of electioneering campaigns in Nigeria, especially as it relates to my constituency, the Kogi central. It is my hope and vision that we shall become shining examples for others to follow. I, therefore, call and challenge other aspirants to do same so that those whom we seek to lead will begin to know the quality of those seeking for their votes in the bid to represent them in 2019 and beyond,” Ms Akpoti said.

“And I think it is about time we launch #operationshowyourcertificates so that fraud, deceit, manipulations, and lies are reduced right from inception and not when such elements are already in offices and thus already abusing public trust and psyche,” she said.

She said, “it’s paramount Nigerians realize this and begin to take conscious steps in defining the narrative of our representatives across all levels of authority.”

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