FBNQuest lure Nigerian disapora to support economic development


FBNQuest Asset Management, a part of the FBN Holdings Plc group, has expressed its desire for partnerships that will unlock the potentials of Nigerians in Diaspora as a source of economic development.

Managing Director, FBNQuest Asset Management, Mr. Ike Onyia, disclosed this while speaking at the just concluded Nigerians in Diaspora (NIDOA) Global Development conference in London.

The conference which was co-sponsored by FBNQuest, presented an opportunity for Nigerians in the Diaspora to engage in constructive and interactive sessions with key decision makers across different industries in Nigeria, encouraging stakeholders to partner and collaborate on investment schemes. The conference yielded fruitful discourse and exchange of ideas that examined the intersections between investment in human capital, natural resources, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in Nigeria.

Speaking at the conference, Onyia called on Nigerians in Diaspora to offer strategic expertise in their various endeavours to impact the country with knowledge and financial capacity, especially by way of investment.

He said: “We want to partner with the Diaspora community through NIDO and its members. As a member of one of the leading financial services groups in Africa, we are well-positioned to serve the diaspora community professionally and to ensure their aspirations in the area of maximising investment returns are fulfilled.

“FBNQuest Asset Management is open to partnerships that will unlock the potential of the Nigerian diaspora community as a source of economic development. We provide bespoke solutions to organizations and individual investors looking to set up structure that can help them achieve their investment goals.”