Aremu unfolds governorship ambition in Kwara


Former Deputy National President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Issa Aremu has declared intention to contest for the governor of Kwara State under the Labour Party (LP).

Addressing party supporters, he said Kwara was lacking in development, adding that he would ensure the people enjoy dividends of democracy when voted to office.

Aremu said that he would address the uncertainly in state, noting that the people were weighed down by poverty and mass hunger.

He said: “With God guidance and your support, I hereby offer myself to lead the electoral process in liberating our hitherto promising Kwara State from underdevelopment, mass hunger and poverty.

“I am honoured and humbled with your sacrifices to make today a reality. I am indeed delighted and grateful that we all turn out because of the legitimate concern we have for the development of our dear state and Nigeria

“Today seems uncertain, God willing, tomorrow can and will indeed be better. Despite lack of money and pervasive income poverty, you have taken various means of transport like Okada, Keke and unworthy taxis through the notorious Ilorin roads to this place.’’

Aremu said the government seems to legitimize wage theft especially of local government employees, contrary to the stipulation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) work conditions.

He maintained that the bail outs offered by President Muhammadu Buhari had not been judiciously reflected in the condition of the people.

Aremu said: “In spite of the legitimate worries you still have time to come. Many appreciatively turn up at the shortest notice. I salute your patriotism and remarkable commitment towards a better Kwara, better Nigeria and better Africa.

“All our worries about poor governance in Kwara call for action. Let’s get out of slumber and murmurs. Let’s organise and stop agonising.

“The state was created on 27 May 1967, we are proud to be part of the first generation of states which include Rivers, Kano and Lagos states. Last year, first generation states celebrated 50th anniversary. Lagos and other states celebrated 50 with upbeat signature projects.

He added: “But Kwara at 50 was ‘marked’ almost unnoticed by leaders who paradoxically celebrate their personal birthdays and weddings of their children like days and months long. At 50 Governor Ahmed Fatai led administration listed unity, peace and development as the achievements of Kwara at 50.

“Other listed achievements include the Federal, State and private universities, industries, an emerging aviation hub, advanced health facilities, modern recreational facilities, and comparatively good infrastructure. Why then the “low-key” celebration?

“Our state urgently begs for development and salvation from bad governance. The 2019 governorship election offers a unique historic opportunity to reclaim our dear state. I offer to lead my dear Kwara state through selflessness, statesmanship, entrepreneurship, compassion, managing diversity, equality, inclusiveness, sense of justice and fairness.”

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