How 5-year-old Nigerian girl became ‘Most Beautiful Girl’ in the World


Jare Ijalana, a 5-year old Nigerian, who has been dubbed on the internet as the most beautiful girl in the world from her portrait by wedding photographer, Mofe Bamiwa, is being managed by her father and aunt and could cut a modeling deal that will definitely place on the big stage someday. Bennett Oghifo writes

Stardom comes in various forms and sometimes unexpectedly. This would likely be the story of 5-year old Jare, a primary school pupil in Lagos whose mother permitted her sister’s colleague, Mofe Bamuyiwa to photograph.

Mofe, known as Bisola Mofeoluwa Bamuyiwa, placed the bold and angelic portrait on her instagram, which immediately it went viral, attracting comments even Mofe admitted were pleasantly surprising.

Oh, about the modeling deal, she told THISDAY yesterday that she was not in any way trying to get modeling agency for kids, scouts found the portrait of Jare alluring and irresistible and are making a lot of offers. “There is a management taking care of Jare now, her father and aunt, who are educating her and she’s getting a lot of exposure. They want to be careful about the offers coming in. They want to be sure they take the first step and that it is deemed right. Her dad is also in charge, making sure that it’s actually done properly. They are taking their time and making sure that this post that has gone viral calms down and they will now know what the next step is. There is actually more to Jare than that photograph; she is actually a very bright child.”

Also, her story is not grass to grace, according to Mofe. “A lot of people and critics out there think she is probably less privileged and I said no, she is well educated, a beautiful child also and from a bright home.”

The image that went viral was exactly the look Mofe said she wanted – an adult-child, sort of. It was an expression of what she wanted to create.

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