As born again Christian you don’t need to fast to receive the Holy Ghost- Nigerian Pastor

Isashi Lagos Nigeria


Thursday, July 26,2018

By; Okafor Joseph Afam

Sunday, July 22,2018

The General Overseer of the Solution Ground Power Ministry has warmed his congregation, born again Christians in Nigeria, Africa not to seek the Holy Ghost power through the means of fasting because it is unscriptural, Christians cannot receive the Holy Ghost because of the reward of their fasting.

 According to him, the Holy Ghost is a free gift, there is no place written in the Bible where Jesus Christ instructed the disciples too fast for such power, all he told them was to tarry.

The Former Deeper Life Location Pastor Ohez Azuka, revealed that fasting is scriptural, it is what every Christian must embark on weekly, but it is not the means to receive the Holy Ghost power.

The Man of God said during the Prayer and counseling session that the only way to receive the Holy Ghost power is to task after it, desire it, as the Holy Bible revealed in John 7: 37, where Jesus Christ said if any man is thirsty let him come and drink from the waters of life.

He noted that all a born again believer need is to task and receive; it is a free gift that Jesus gave to is church as a sign that he has won the battle for us.

In continuing, the minister condemned the act of Holy Ghost School in many churches today, According to him, many churches in Nigeria, Africa, Europe, America and Asia adopting Holy Ghost school  where Pastors, Ministers, Bishops teach members or congregations how to speak in  tongues is satanic.

Holy Ghost school is a fallacy that has entered the church of God today, it is a man taking the place of the Holy Spirit, it’s is barbaric, those pastors are ministers of darkness from the pit of hell adding that no church is permitted by heaven to teach their members how to speak in tongue on earth he said.

Ohez, urged pastors to seek, task, after Holy Ghost power, because God is looking for men to release is power upon adding that any Bishop, Prophet, and Pastors that has possess  the Holy Ghost  is church will be filled with same power.

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