Obituary: The Year APC And PDP Died! By Bayo Oluwasanmi


April 8, 2018, I penned an article titled The Party’s Over: APC Satan, PDP Lucifer Both Parties Are Finished! I argued in the piece that members of both parties have proved that there’s no act of treachery and wickedness which they are not capable. I said there’s no honor in their brand of politics. That neither political party is clean when it comes to corruption, and neither is accountable to the people apart from their political bosses.

Both parties, I argued further, are the greatest enemies of our nation and our people. I said APC and PDP are in trouble and they know, but they have no clue what to do. I warned them that the trouble runs much deeper. I conclude that they are making the problem dangerously worse and palpably comedic by contesting the 2019 presidential elections. That was four months ago.

Boy, how prophetic! Last week, APC split into three: Reformed APC under Bukola Abiku Mesujamba Saraki, deformed APC under President Muhammadu Buhari, and confused APC under Bola Ahmed Tinubu. PDP suffered the same fate. PDP is now under the receivership of Abubakar Atiku, Dino Melaye, and Ayodele Fayose. APC and PDP are in death match and Nigerians are caught in the middle. The obituary of both parties is official. This is the year APC and PDP died!

The demise of both parties could be attributed to the following: First, there’s death of ideology. Political ideology serves as the moral convergence point among disparate elements in a party and a means to connect to people. ideology ensures a sense of responsibility and dignity in parties. With an ideology, the followers will be assured and trust the ideology the parties stand for. Without ideology, the parties have lost sight of the sentiments of the people.

Second, the role of intellect has been marginalized in both parties. The parties are dominated and controlled by illiterates, thugs, imbeciles, thieves, prodigals, political prostitutes, careerists, and political adventurers. As long as they keep Nigerians divided, disunited, confused, corrupted, coerced, cowered, subservient, depended, and ignite their ethnic and religious differences, they have nothing to fear.

Third, the two parties are vestiges of corruption. They have proved immensely irrelevant, obsolete, and incapable of providing basic needs of our people. Lastly, members of both parties have been consumed by greed, fraud, corruption, ineptitude, selfishness, wickedness, and tyranny.

The reign of both parties pockmarked by blighted nation that might otherwise have been a prosperous Nigeria if only the rogues in both parties have not plundered our country. For those of us who can still reason, a cloud of intellectual bafflement and paranoia hovers our heads with confused thoughts as to how and why we have been sucked in, hoodwinked, and neutered for so long and unable to check their excesses and illegalities.

Today, Nigerians stand witness to a conflict between our glorious past and shameful present, and scary future. We’re stagnated and degraded by both parties. They have employed the cult of destruction and the culture of hysteria to further nudge us into submission. The shared ideology of insanity by both parties left no stone unturned to bring about the ruination of Nigeria.

Now that the two parties have summarily disqualified themselves from 2019 presidential contest, we need a new party. A new party consisting of coalition of all the progressives with Omoyele Sowore as the flag bearer. A new party that will restore our glorious past. A new party that will erase our shameful present. A new party that will guarantee a safe and secured Nigeria and future for Nigerians.

In short, we need a new party that will transform our battered nation. Nigerians are sick of Buhari administration. We’re tired of PDP. The situation is literally begging us to seize the occasion. Now is the time to run with the opportunity. We’re going to win big. It’s going to be a landslide victory at the polls.

So, let’s go there!

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