FBNQuest boosts LBS finance faculty with Bloomberg Room

Bloomberg Room, Kingston Business School, Kingston University, Kingston Hill Campus.

FBNQuest Merchant Bank, a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria, FBN Holdings Plc, has improved the Finance Faculties in Lagos Business School, LBS, and its Library Community with the creation of a 12 terminal Bloomberg Room.

According to the bank, the Bloomberg Room is a Financial Resource Centre where students can get quick access to research tools, financial market data, analysis of banks, and other economic data to facilitate effective learning at tertiary level. Speaking at the launch of the centre, the Chief Executive Officer FBNQuest Merchant Bank, Mr. Kayode Akinkugbe said: “We consider ourselves to be responsible inter-growth institution of Nigerian economy so we must look for ways to go beyond what we do so that through our corporate social responsibility, CSR, activities we can see how we can support knowledge development and skill development. That is why for us it is quite natural to want to become an academia. We are very fortunate to have engaged with the Dean of LBS a few years back.

“We are conscious of the role technology plays in providing people with access to information. We believe it is important to equip students with the right financial tools and research, and we want to contribute meaningfully to that. The initiative commenced in 2014 with two terminals in the LBS library, and due to demand was expanded to 12 terminals.”

On her part, Head, Communications and Knowledge Engagement FBNQuest Merchant Bank, Lolade Sasore, said that the bank sees the educational sector as a key area of need in the country that is why it is committed to supporting the sector. “The Bloomberg terminals is about something we use in our operations as a business so it is only expected that if you can use this resource also to develop capacity in an institution like this I think it is the right direction for us as an organization.

“We have an internship that we run with the LBS. We empower graduates from the school and when there are also opportunities to absorb them we certainly consider them.” The Dean LBS, Dr. Enase Okonedo, said: “It is a privilege for the students, LBS and the community to be able to have such a resource that is available that they can draw from and find information which can be useful for them.

It fits perfectly with the school’s effort to provide global standard teaching and knowledge sourcing facilities. We are glad to have this partnership with the organisation.”

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