Facebook to shut down three apps


Facebook has announced that it will be shutting down three of their apps after failing to gain traction. Hello, Moves and tbh will all be shutting down in the coming weeks said Facebook. The social network says that all user data from all three of these apps will be deleted within 90 days.

Hello was launched in 2015 for Android users in Brazil, the US and Nigeria. It enables people to combine information from Facebook with contact information on their phone. The app is a bit like TrueCaller: people could link up their Facebook accounts to a dialer, which would then show you the Facebook identity of a caller so you could decide whether or not you would like to take the call.

Moves was acquired by Facebook in 2014. The motion tracking app and its API are getting depreciated on July 31. The app was actually removed from the Android store on June 26, when it had a ranking of 509. Moves the app hasn’t been updated in more than a year. It was removed from the Android store on June 26.

tbh is the youngest of the apps to be getting the chop — in more ways than one. The “anonymous compliment” app was made specifically for teens, a relatively new category for Facebook, and the company was only acquired by the social network in October 2017.

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