XXXTentaction: How U.S Rapper was killed as HipHop World Reacts

  • As his Music Soars on Amazon by 542,566% … Also Climbing on iTunes
  • XXXTentacion Finishing Dream Home … Just Before Murder
  • XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend says she was booted from memorial
  • Cops fire rubber bullets, tear gas to disperse crowd at XXXTentacion memorial

  • Kanye West, Joey Bada$$, Lil Xan & More React to XXXTentacion’s Death

XXXTentacion was shot in the neck during an alleged robbery … and, according to one person on the scene, it appeared he died instantly.

TMZ broke the story, XXX was murdered Monday in South Florida when two armed men approached his car and shot the rapper. An eyewitness tells us a bullet struck XXX in the neck — and he went immediately limp — losing all signs of life, including pulse.

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The police dispatch also revealed just how dire XXX’s situation was … classifying him as a level 1 trauma patient and describing his state as “comatose.” The eyewitness says it was clear to him … XXX had passed.

The dispatch revealed the alleged shooters made off in a black Dodge Journey.

A statement from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office classified the incident as a likely robbery — XXX’s Louis Vuitton bag was stolen — but, so far, no one has been arrested.

Meanwhile XXXTentacion‘s music is climbing the charts at warp speed … following his tragic death.

The rapper — who was gunned down Monday in Florida — has the no. 1 and no. 2 albums on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers Digital Music list. His album “?” — which dropped in March — saw a whopping 41,306% spike in a matter of hours. XXX’s “17” album is up nearly 9,000%.

But the success isn’t limited to digital music. XXX is garnering plenty of attention in the CDs and vinyl category too. He holds the no. 2 and 3 spots with the LP of “?” jumping a staggering 542,566% and the CD “?” seeing a 54,057% spike in sales.

XXX’s also dominating on iTunes … his “SAD!” track from his latest album is currently the no. 1 song. The track “changes” from the same album sits at no. 5. The album skyrocketed to no. 3 overall on the iTunes charts. The album “17” which debuted back in 2017 is also in the top 10 at no. 5.

As for Spotify … the streaming service pulled his music following charges filed against him based on the alleged beating of his pregnant GF. But Spotify’s reversed course since he was killed in South Florida — Spotify featured an “RIP XXXTentacion” banner and featured his playlist at the top of its browse carousel.

Sources say that XXXTentacion was putting the finishing touches on his dream home when he was shot and killed Monday … something that was supposed to be a crowning moment of achievement.

XXX plunked down $1.4 million in November on the Parkland, Florida mansion located 15 minutes from the shooting. The nearly 6,000 square foot home has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a pool on more than an acre of land.

Neighbors tell us construction crews had been working to complete the project, installing a security fence on the perimeter. XXX moved in recently and neighbors say he was quiet, but friendly.


Meanwhile the ex-girlfriend of slain rapper XXXTentacion — who accused him of routinely beating her, threatening to cut out her tongue and rape her — says she was booted from his memorial in Florida.

“They kicked me out of the vigil. So damn disrespectful. I can’t believe people are that selfish,” Geneva Ayala wrote on Instagram Tuesday night. “I wasn’t even there 25 minutes and I literally got pulled away from the memorial.”

“I just wanted to stay. I wasn’t bothering anyone. This is unfair. I’m absolutely devastated,” she added.

Fans of the 20-year-old rapper also burned items that 22-year-old Ayala brought as tribute to him, including a globe and flowers, she said.

“I left those things for him… I can’t believe they’d do that,” Ayala posted, along with an image of burned headphones. “Where is the respect?”

XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting Ayala when he was fatally shot outside a motorcycle dealership in Florida on Monday afternoon.

Ayala told prosecutors Onfroy attacked her “every three or four days,” beginning two weeks after they met in May 2016, choking her, breaking clothes hangers on her legs and threatening to kill her.

In October 2016, Onfroy allegedly beat her so badly while she was pregnant that she said her eye leaked blood and that she no longer recognized her face, according to Pitchfork, which obtained her 142-page testimony. He denied the allegations.

Still, she said earlier Tuesday that she was “broken” over her ex-boyfriend’s death.

Some people have rallied around the young woman since Onfroy was killed, contributing nearly $10,000 to a GoFundMe she set up to pay for surgery for her damaged eye and other areas of her face.

Before his death, she’d just barely met her $25,000 goal, according to The Blast, but the fundraiser stood at $34,294 as of Wednesday.


EVen as Cops fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse hundreds of rap fans who took over a central Los Angeles neighborhood Tuesday to pay final respects to slain hip hop artist XXXtentacion.

At least 300 people — many carrying candles or lit cellphones — filled a stretch of Melrose Avenue shortly before 8 p.m.

But as time passed, some of the mourners became rowdy, climbing onto building roofs and swarming passing cars, the LA Times said.

They also threw rocks at nearby police, KABC-TV reported.

Officers eventually fired tear gas, pepper-spray balls and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, according to both media outlets.

There was no permit for the memorial.

“We’re going to try to have them safely leave and try to get the street back in order,” said LAPD officer and spokesman Tony Im.


XXXTentacion was fatally shot in Broward County, Florida, Monday afternoon (June 18). After initial reports said that the rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was unconscious and lifeless, the county’s sheriff’s department confirmed that XXXTentacion was the “adult male” victim of the shooting at 6:30 p.m. ET.

As soon as video footage surfaced, artists in hip-hop and beyond took to Twitter to share prayers for the 20-year-old rapper, including Juicy J, Lil Xan and XXX album collaborators Joey Bada$$ and Travis Barker. And once his death was confirmed, even more distraught reactions flooded social media from Kanye West, Sylvan LaCue and many more.


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XXXTentacion Dead at 20

XXXTentacion’s controversial past — he was awaiting trial on more than a dozen felony charges and allegations of domestic violence against his then-pregnant girlfriend — sparked mixed reactions among fans, with some coming to the rapper’s defense pointing out that he was working on bettering himself. As several noted, XXX’s most recent Instagram story post read that the rapper was planning a charity event for this weekend in Florida.

Take a look at some of the reactions to XXXTentacion’s shooting below.

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