Anointing Part 1: Nigeria Churches need anointing not Big Cathedrals- Azuka

Isashi, Cele Road, Lagos Nigeria

Metro News

Saturday,May 26,2018

Former Deeper Life Bible Church Location Pastor, Ohez Azuka, has urged Churches in Nigeria, Africa and the world to pursue after anointing not big cathedrals or fat bank account which can’t bring healing, deliverance from sickness or breaking of satanic yokes to the members of the church at large.

The minister revealed while speaking on a topic: Let’s talk about Anointing, during the last Tuesday, solution Ground power program.

According to him,  in our churches today, anointing can barely be seen, anointing that  Jesus gave as a gift is now scare , everyone is looking for big building, cathedrals, flashes messages to impress  their members and make money which has killed Christianity.

The Man of God from Anambra state, said church should be defined as a place where people come and find anointing to deliver them from their problems, it is not a place of fashion or entertainment.

He pointed out that the reason why   many churches today record high rate of sickness, barrenness, diseases, poverty, broken marriages and unemployment is because anointing is lacking in our ministries.

In continuing, the Minister who the people of Isashi, Cele Road, describes as the young, Williams Kumuyi, has been breaking satanic yokes, delivering the oppressed and healing all kind of sickness through the Solution Ground Power Program cautioned, Pastors, Ministers, Apostles, Bishops and Evangelists to task after anointing in their various denominations adding that God is looking for Elijah, Moses of this Generation to deposit it’s power for the use of its ministry.

In conclusion, he noted that the reason why herbalist and witches has dominion over churches today is because they lack the anointing of Jesus.