BBM Not Dead But Alive-Adam Pattison



Tuesday, 14th November 2017
The Vice President of Creative Media Works, Adam Pattison has declared that BBM is not dead as believed in some quarters but is alive and waxing strong.
He stated this recently in a seminar on BBM Digital and Mobile Innovation organized in Lagos, Nigeria.
According to Adam Pattison, the messaging apps is now more than social media apps and the world is constantly messaging and sharing photos and videos.
In his words, We are bringing other elements and content to the messaging app and unlocking the values of the ecosystem in the social media app.

Continuing, he explained that Nigeria is an economic and social

powerhouse, and BBM is geared around millennial as 67% of the global citizens carry out their activities on mobile.” Said Pattison
The BBM App according to him,  is currently in partnership with Interswitch, Uber, Get Ticket, and host of other eco-friendly Apps.
The Ecological syndication is said to enable users to achieve their daily activity on the app while still messaging, sharing ideas and media footages (photos and videos)
In the same vein, he admitted that the decline in BBM subscribers was because it was 100% tied to Blackberry devices and lack of swift flip to android when consumers migrated to androids and IOS device.
Yes, when Blackberry devices declined, we obviously lost user bases, but BBM has not declined, Adam added.
 Solving the above impasse, he has this to say ‘ What we did was, in 2013, we untended just BBM from blackberry and put it on to androids and IOS, now our user base globally is 85% Android, so we are skied towards android”
Adding, ‘We were about 40 million monthly active users before we moved to multi-platform in 2013 and the move to androids and IOS added about 30 million more overnight.’ Pattison stated.
The VP finally pointed out that all the integrations and partnership with other app brands are part of the drive and innovations that are moving consumers to embrace the app even more.
On his  part, John Butler, the Africa Regional Director said that the BBM is the most secure and encrypted chatting platform and is mostly used by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States
Also at the event, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Insight Publicis, Feyi Olubodun stated that Africa is a storytelling continent, He estimated that the continent will in the foreseeable future accommodate half the human race
He further forecasted that come the year 2050, Nigeria will have a population of about 1.3 billion people, where 65% will be between the ages of 10 to 24”
It could be recalled that this innovation was part of a ten days exercise across Africa, aimed at  showcasing  the features of BBM and its willingness to partner with brand and other apps in relation to the needs of the millennial
The event was attended by Feyi Olubodun, CEO Insight Publicis, Charles Ifedi, Divisional CEO at Interswitch, John Butler, Africa Regional Director for BBM, Sarah Nolte, Senior Business Manager for BBM and Timothy Lambrechts, Founder Mobi Hunter





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