Italy’s ENI offers help for Nigeria’s bio-fuel projects


The Italian government through one of its oil giants ENI has promised to support the Federal Government’s bio-fuel agenda.

Senior Technical Adviser to the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources on Refineries and Downstream Infrastructure, Engr. Rabiu Suleiman, disclosed this in an interview on the latest edition of NNPC News, a monthly publication of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Suleiman, however, said details of the support were still being work out.

Biofuel which is a type of fuel derived from plant, animal matter and waste can be in form of bioethanol (used as a replacement for petrol) and biodiesel (used as a replacement for diesel).

Nigeria is on the verge of reforming its biofuels policy as it has become exigent for the country to join the global search for better and cheaper energy sources.

Suleiman, in the interview, said that government has engaged interested investors who want to partner NNPC as a business to set up bio-ethanol, bio-diesel distilleries to be strategically located across some regions of the country.

He said some investors have passed through the NNPC management screening for the purpose of establishing an international joint venture.


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