US has nvere issued reckless travel advice to Nigerians —Darcy Zotter


Contrary to the view being held about the propensity of the United State over issuing of travel advice at the slightest minute against Nigeria, Darcy Zotter, US Consulate Public Affairs Officer, said that the Consulate was never in the habit of just publishing or issuing travel advice, adding that travel warnings and advice are issued when it is necessary and never meant to spite or drag any country’s name in the mud.

She revealed that the essence of US Government maintaining an Embassy in Nigeria with staff is among others to protect the lives of its citizens by giving prior advice of where to go and where not to venture into.

Darcy Zotter said it would be absolutely wrong for the Consulate to stand akimbo, keep mute and fail to tell her citizens about the high risky zones.

She pointed out that the US had been fair in issuing travel advice as the advice that were issued were not blanket neither but specific against areas and not against Nigeria as a country.

Darcy Zotter said that The United State of America will reinforce and boost the cultural-tourism ties between her and Nigeria.

She made this revelation during her visit to Nigerian Tribune on Thursday 14 September 2017.

Darcy Zotter while responding to posers from journalists, said that the US Consulate had a vibrant cultural department which engaged in collaborative synergy with Nigerian cultural entities, government departments, state governors and others.

She pointed out that the Cultural department of the US Embassy in Abuja last year, showcased American Film Festivals while cultural engagement of mutual benefit between the two countries was concluded.

Darcy Zotter informed that Cultural Department US Consulate in Lagos was poised to strengthen the cultural ties as a vibrant officer who was passionate about culture and tourism had resumed in Lagos.


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