Jonathan plunged Nigeria into hardship – Kachukwu



State Minister of Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Emmanuel Kachukwu, said it was difficult for the present administration to meet job demands in the county because past administration plunged the country into hardship as result of poor management and embezzlement of public funds making it.

He said, “I have seen a lot of money taken away by the past administration and because of this, the present administration is trying to revive the economy.

“There is no money to establish industries to absorb them. Our youths are now roaming the streets. And when they do, we are not safe. We must engage the youth and for we to overcome all these challenges, our institution of learnings must incorporate entrepreneurial and technical courses in their curriculum”, he said.

On the part of the former Minister of Information, Prince Tony Momoh, while blaming the past administration for failing to save for the future, charged the graduands to cultivate the culture of saving for the future to avoid the mistakes of the past governments.

“The youth in Nigeria today, they lack understanding, for instance, when the last administration was there, we have to save money for the rainy day but we failed to do so. We ate the future in the present. Now you know, the present is today but yesterday, was the present. So yesterday, looking at today, we are looking at the future. All of you here, all your entitlements, you sat down and ate it.

“All of you who were growing up, what we should have done to empower you, we did not do. Today, you are deprived. Obasanjo left money, Yar’ Adua left money and Jonathan inherited the money but unfortunately by the time he left, we have eaten the money and not Jonathan that ate the money but people ate the money”, he said.

The event climaxed with the conferment of Auchi Polytechnic Fellowship Awards on the Hon. Minister of Petroleum (State), Dr. Ibe Emmanuel Kachukwu and the Hon Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Amenchi.


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