Nigeria’s stockbrokers to have flexible trade in London Stock Exchange others


Barring unforeseen circumstances, stockbrokers in Nigeria may soon have the flexibility of trading in the United Kingdom, and many other countries following the special training being organized by the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS),in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI), in the United Kingdom.

By the proposed two-pronged joint training, slated for August, 10 to 18, 2017, at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), participants would be exposed to understanding Modern Commodity Derivative (MCD) and International Introduction to Securities and Investment Market (IISI).

As part of the strategies to globalise the operations of stockbrokers and other practitioners in the financial market, the CIS noted that the IISI is designed to prepare the participants to take examination for the CISI’s qualification, a major requirement for practicing in all countries where CISI UK is recognized.

The institute explained that ISSI also offers candidates a broader economic environment in which the financial services industry operates and examines how an economic activity is determined and managed in different economic and political systems.

“The Commodity Derivative training on its own is a high-impact programme that will equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of Commodity Markets, Commodity Trading, Risk Management and Derivatives in relation to Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Agro Allied Company, Finance and Energy both in international and local perspectives.

“The Master Class interface will address practical trading strategies techniques in various commodity markets, including agricultural production, crude oil and base.”

Commenting on the initiative, the CIS’ President, Oluwaseyi Abe explained that the move was consistent with the Institute’s policy on capacity building in line with the globalisation of the Nigeria’s Capital Market whereby market regulators and operators should operate at global best practice.

Corroborating Abe, the Institute’s First Vice President, Adedapo Adekoje, noted that prominent on the list of participants were commodity traders, stockbrokers, other capital market practitioners, Bankers, finance industry Regulators, agriculture entrepreneurs, Gas  practioners, lawyers, accountants and insurance Practitioners.

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