Osita Chidoka joins race for Anambra


Former FRSC corps marshal and former aviation minister Osita Chidoka has joined the race for governorship of Anambah.

He and his supporters stormed the secretariat of the United Progressive Party (UPP) in Abuja at 1:27pm to pick up an “expression of interest” and nomination forms.

He told journalists later that he would modernize governance in Anambra.

He also is optimistic that IPOB leaders would have a rethink and allow the election to hold despite their earlier threat to stop the process.

“I believe that IPOB is forcing a dialogue on referendum in Nigeria. They’re pushing an agenda to say that they want a date for referendum in Nigeria and I believe they know that even for you to exercise the power of a referendum, you need to be a registered voter,” Chidoka said.

“And one of the ways to show that you have the majority and you are looking for a referendum is to participate in the political process. I believe e that when they eventually understand what they are saying, they will definitely change their point of view.

“Governance in Anambra State now is a celebration of the ordinary and we want to move away from that to a state that ensures that our innate capacity and potentials are made manifest.

“We want a state that is community based, that is transparent and ensures that every Anambra person is contributing his legitimate quarter to the success of the state and to the enhancement of the life of the individual. Our governance model is not the governance model of delivering projects but governance of making sure that the individual is the centre of government project,” he said.

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