Google Gboard app makes content sharing easier


Google is adding some new features to its keyboard app Gboard. There is now the option to link two separate apps. In simple words if you are chatting with a friend on WhatsApp, the Gboard app will now let you access content from other apps such as YouTube or Maps without leaving WhatsApp. In a traditional scenario user has to leave the app, go to YouTube app or Maps and then share the content.

The option to access content on Google search was the first feature on these lines and is available on both Android and iOS.

However access to Maps and YouTube is available only for iOS users as of now.

Share location

This new tool will save users a trip to Maps by letting them open it in Gboard. To access this, just tap on the G button at the top of the keyboard and you will see the Maps icon next to existing tools such as Translate or GIF. Tap on the Maps icon and type the name of the location you are interested in. So if you want to share your location just type current location and tap on the map which shows up in the search results below.

Sharing YouTube videos

Like Maps button, a YouTube button has been added within the Gboard. It will allow users to search and share online videos right from the keyboard. To access this, tap on G button and the YouTube icon. Now to search a specific video, type what you are looking for in the search tab and the keyboard will show four to five video options from YouTube.

Drawing on keyboard

This new feature allows users to share their thoughts with friends on social media in their own drawing. Google has added a new Ink tool which allows one to draw anything on the keyboard by using their finger or stylus. To access this, tap on the emoji button followed by the pen icon and start doodling with the colour options available at the lower edge of the keyboard.

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