Nigeria needs energy production mix to attain 30 per cent of renewable energy by 2030, The Minister for Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has said.

While addressing the country’s energy challenges and way forward in a statement over the weekend, the Minister said going forward, the country’s energy production will be a mix of different energy sources.

“on these sources of power generation is that they speak to the idea of an energy mix, and we have delivered one for Nigeria which targets 30% renewable of our total energy production by 2030”, he said.

Fashola said he accepted that the power sector has challenges, advising that instead of trading blames, solutions should be devised.

“The challenges and the way forward resonates with my view of the power sector and I believe that of many, who acknowledge that the sector has challenges; more importantly, the target should be solution driven and positive in outlook which is consistent with my attitude, that, instead of recrimination, reproach and cynicism, we should look for the way forward” he said.

He said that the Federal Government knows that the power supply is not enough, saying that the government is working towards “getting more power”, he said.
“So our road map seeks to get, first incremental power, progress to stable power, and then achieve uninterrupted power”.

The Minister then pleaded for more patience with operators in sectors.
According to him he said, from this road map, “it must be clear to any right thinking and well meaning person that this is a journey and not an event that will happen overnight”.

“As we progress on this journey, we will get to critical milestones from which we can look back and say we are now better off at that milestone, than when we started the journey”, he said.

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