Anambra Guber: I plan to stimulate a 24-hrs production economy in Nnewi if… – Chidoka


Former Aviation Minister and governorship aspirant in Anambra State Chief Osita Chidoka has promised to pursue a programme of industrialisation, if elected in the November 18 poll.

Speaking while commissioning his campaign office in Nnewi, Chidoka, whose public acceptance and popularity have continued to soar, disclosed that he has perfected plans to stimulate a 24- hours production economy in the area.

He said industries in Nnewi can not meet their desired targets with the current level of neglect, dearth of critical infrastructure and insecurity. This he observed has resulted in heavy financial burden on investors and retarded production, adding that the time has come for strategic intervention.

The former Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), known for his knack for providing innovative solutions to difficult problems, said his government would enact policies to shift market emphasis to locally manufactured goods, thereby making local production attractive, cost effective and profitable.

He said a boost for the production capacity of factories in Nnewi will create more employment for youths, enhance ancillary businesses, and lift the economy of the people of the state.

Chidoka said: “There is no how the industries in Nnewi will perform optimally without necessary government support through the provisions of required infrastructure and facilities. We cannot abandon them and expect them to thrive. Government must strategically step in on issues of pro-local production policies, power, access roads, waste disposal, manpower development, funding windows, market openings as well as adequate security that will enable them run a 24-hours shift production.

He added: “A situation where factories shut down after dark for lack of adequate security does not encourage industrial growth. We must link security to economic output. The Toyota factory in Japan does not shut down once it is dark; they work for 24 hours. When our factories run for 24 hours, they will have the capacity to employ more people, their production capacity will increase; that would mean more opportunity for ancillary businesses and more money for our people.

“Government must therefore stop paying lip service to manufacturers in Nnewi. We must partner with them to make Nnewi the industrial nerve center of the nation”, he said.

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