‎APC condemns Igbo Quit Notice, Says Free Speech is Been Politicized

ABUJA – The ruling All Progressives Congress APC has condemned Tuesday’s ‘quit notice’ issued by some northern youth groups to Igbos leaving in the region, urging security agencies to effect the arrest of those behind such separatist call. APC in a statement signed by its spokesman, Bolaji Abdullahi said, “there are lawful laid down procedures for any form of agitation in a democracy.
We observe that the nature and content of recent agitations clearly transcends the boundaries of the law and exceeds the limits of freedom of speech”. The party said it was disturbed by the increasing spate of separatist agitation by individuals and groups in the country, saying, “the development is not healthy for our burgeoning democracy, the development and unity of our great country, Nigeria”.
While the party said, it submits to the inalienable right of citizens and groups to agitate for a legitimate cause, it said such advocacies must be done within the ambit of the law. “While agitations on many contentious issues in the polity are normal and key ingredients of the participatory democracy which the APC stands for and defends, such agitations must be peaceful and show respect for the constitutional rights of other citizens.
The National Assembly, the courts and several lawful avenues are available to citizens, groups and sundry interests to make change, seek redress and advance legitimate causes. Therefore, we call on agitators to either join a political party which shares their ideology or form a new party to push their cause.
“The APC strongly condemns any utterance, ultimatum or actions that threaten our corporate existence as a country. The Party is confident that our security agencies will investigate and prosecute promoters and sponsors of these provocative, divisive, inciting and undemocratic declarations and actions.
“We insist that despite our challenges, our strength lies in our diversity. This we must use to our advantage in our quest to lift the country to its deserved heights. “The APC assures Nigerians that the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is doing its best and is committed to accommodating all Nigerians, irrespective of religious, tribal and indeed political affiliation”, the party added.

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