I wasn’t married before I met Laura, says Linda Ikeji’s in-law, Kanu


Ogbonna Kanu, brother to renowned footballer, Nwankwo Kanu, has said that he has never been married and that his recent marriage to blogger Linda Ikeji’s sister, Laura, is his first.

Ogbonna had used his Instagram page to clear the air concerning a photograph that went viral on Monday of a woman who was described as his ex-wife, dancing with one of the children they had together.

He explained that he already had two kids before his marriage to Laura; but that he was never married to any woman.

All he had with the mother of his two kids was a cordial relationship, he said.

Ogbonna wrote: “People, I just want to let you all know that I was not married prior to my marriage to Laura. I’m happy to be married to Laura my wife.

“I have two lovely kids but was not married. I’m cordial with the mother of my two wonderful children, but we were not together when I met my wife.

“Laura is my only wife and I love her. God bless you all.”

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