Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB And Their Crazy Sit-At-Home Order By Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu


Every new day, this collection of fraudsters and members of a myopic, gullible and daft association that parades itself as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by a hate speech monger named Nnamdi Kanu show themselves as real enemies of Ndị Igbo. Previously, this association led by Kanu and some London-based fraudsters ordered some gullible minds in Igboland to close their businesses and block all roads including the Niger Bridge that was even constructed by the Federal Government. Then, these London based criminals used their underground radio to incite their gullible members against the Nigerian Army and ordered them to attack and disarm any soldier that attempted to block them from preventing other Nigerians from using the highway and the Niger Bridge. This led to the death of some of these gullible minds and afterwards, they told some lazy media outfits that failed to carryout proper investigation that they were attacked while on a peaceful protest. How can a protest that blocked others from enjoying their freedom of movement be regarded as a peaceful one? How can a protest aimed at attacking security agencies be regarded as peaceful? How can a protest that, within the territory of Nigerian state, destroyed Nigerian Flags and paraded flags of an unknown nation called Biafra be regarded as peaceful?

It is unfortunate that some Nigerian media were then so unpatriotic that they believed and reported every trash that these miscreants and their fraudulent leaders fed them with without even proper investigation and getting the Nigerian Security Agencies side of the story. The sad and shameful part of the whole saga was that those fraudsters used our daft and gullible brothers to distract the economic activities in our own Igbo land and consequently, denied many their sources of feeding within that period while the President they were ignorantly hating enjoyed himself and office activities over there in Abuja. The worst part of that shameful saga was that it led to the deaths of some of our brothers and sisters who unknowingly committed suicide in the name of Protest and love for a criminal who is always only interested in harvesting their purses.

After the last sad event, these criminals have again ordered all Igbos to shut down their businesses and sit at home tomorrow, being the 30th day of May 2017 in the name of remembering the fallen Biafran heroes. What are we Igbos going to gain from such a crazy order? How will such improve our economy and end the bad leadership we experience from our governors? Will that in any way affect the National seat of power, the federal government or President Buhari who is chilling in London while receiving his medical treatment? The ironic part of this crazy order is that it will negatively impact on Igbos, Igboland and Igbos alone.

Moreover, only a fool who wanted to visit the land of the dead will attempt to participate in any crazy protest tomorrow. Any body that participates in such will have him or herself to blame even in the land of the spirits.

As for those saying that I should stop addressing the miscreants as Biafrauds and their leader as Watermelon head Nnamdi Cownu, I will like to let them know that I will support any true self determination movement which will abide by existing rules and not a hate spreading movement aimed at defrauding gullible and sentiment-driven minds as such is fraudulent and evil. The present ‘Biafra Agitation’ championed by IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu has no focus, vision or discipline but is interested in duping gullible Igbos who pay monthly dues to Kanu and his fellow London based fraudsters with the hope that such money will be used in purchasing war equipment and facilities that will fasten the actualization of the so called Biafra Republic. Those folks are victims of Nnamdi Kanu’s frauds and are therefore Biafrauds. This is not an insult but a proper description.

Also, “Watermelon head Nnamdi Cownu” which is my preferred name on him is not an insult but a proper description of a man who delights in defaulting all international laid down procedures of self determination and also delights in spreading hate as well as inciting his brothers against their fellow compatriots. Also, Watermelon head is a proper description for a man who used an underground radio to incite bloodshed in his homeland. Nnamdi Kanu’s head is as big and empty as that of a Watermelon and he fools around like a cow. That is why I refer to him as a Watermelon head and Nnamdi Cownu. The kind of Biafra Republic he professes must be a hell. A Republic where anyone who doesn’t believe in his strange ‘Judaism’ will be regarded as minority and a Republic where anyone who fails to kneel down and bow before him will be thrown inside the lion’s den. Who knows, may be Igboland will be another biblical Egypt in the so called Republic and he will be the Pharaoh. The kind of pictures and videos circulating round the Internet since after he was granted bail had shown that he is an arrogant and pompous individual who lacks everything required in a true leader and will likely return back to the prison soon.

May God help Ndị Igbo.

God bless Nigeria.

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