28% Nigerians Access Mobile Internet via Google Chrome, 41% Prefer Opera Mini, Report Says


28% of Nigerians access Mobile Internet via Google Chrome, 41% Prefer Opera Mini, According to a report by Jumai on Nigerian Mobile Trends 2017

Looking at the mobile internet browsers customers use to access Jumia, 50% of customers in Africa come onto Jumia’s mobile site with Google Chrome. In Nigeria that number is just 28%.

Instead, the Opera mini browser is much more popular, with 41% of the mobile traffic to Jumia Nigeria coming from Opera mini.

Browsing in Nigeria inorder to adapt to high data costs and lower performance smartphones
The increased access and affordability of low specification smartphones has also revealed a need for the mobile ecosystem to respond with data-efficient browsers and mobile apps that are optimized for performance and an easy user experience.

One reason for this could be that countries with higher levels of income have been found to have more users accessing the internet with heavier browsers like chrome – which typically have higher system requirements. Opera mini is a lighter browser in terms of data usage and is popular among new mobile internet users who have lower incomes and can’t afford costly internet data packs.

A recent report from Opera determined the savings on mobile data costs for Opera mini users in Nigeria has amounted to about $198 million (N39.5 billion) over a 10-month period, due to its data compression technology. This is a clear example of the ripple effect that customer enjoy when a slight change is introduced by one of the digital ecosystem players.

On our end, an immediate key priority is to enhance the desktop user experience (which accounts for almost 30% of Jumia’s traffic and almost 40% of orders placed) by delivering a progressive web application that bridges the gap between conventional web pages and native mobile applications, to give customers a faster web and desktop experience that includes functionalities like push notifications and the ability to browse while offline.

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