Nigeria spends less than $1bn for health care with a population of 170m, Expert laments


Founder, Flying Doctors, Nigeria, Dr. Ola Brown has lamented that Nigeria spends less than $1 billion for health care in a country with a population of 170 million people

She also said that Nigeria would need $30bn to establish a state of the art hospital in every state of the federation.

She lamented that there is.

In a statement made available to our correspondent in Lagos, Brown challenged the federal government to develop the country’s air ambulance infrastructure to ensure that patients can access healthcare.

She noted that the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) budget stands more than $100 billion per year while Nigeria’s entire budget, by contrast, is about $12 billion per year while over 60 per cent of which goes to recurrent expenditure.

According to her, effective air ambulance service would help the government to save billions of dollars by concentrating expert resources and reducing healthcare spending.

She said establishments such as the Flying Doctors Nigeria Air Ambulance service could provide the health care services required by patients.


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